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Re: send-pr error!

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: send-pr error!
Date: 15 Dec 2001 16:14:59 +0100
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>>>>> "YS" == Yngve Svendsen <address@hidden> writes:

    YS> Milan: We need to decide exactly how send-pr is supposed to work
    YS> when installed at remote locations (There is an empty section in
    YS> the installation chapter waiting for material on installation at
    YS> remote sites, and the send-pr documentation in chapter 2 still
    YS> describes the old version). Are we going to keep the
    YS> "request-sid" functionality (see
    YS> or should remote submitters get an ID through other channels?

What's wrong with the current --request-id?  Do you mean requesting
submitter IDs should be supported by other interfaces, e.g. Gnatsweb as
well?  Why not, it would be useful.


Milan Zamazal

Here is my advice, don't try to program the bleeding edge for the
general populace unless you really, really, really like migraines.
                                                   Neal H. Walfield

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