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My inability to configure Gnats(web)4 (was send-pr error!)

From: Jamin W. Collins
Subject: My inability to configure Gnats(web)4 (was send-pr error!)
Date: 15 Dec 2001 10:26:51 -0600

On Sat, 2001-12-15 at 08:08, Milan Zamazal wrote:
> >>>>> "JWC" == Jamin W Collins <address@hidden> writes:
>     JWC> Well, I just finished a manual installation attempt on a virgin
>     JWC> Debian 2.2 r4 installation.  Almost the same end result, the
>     JWC> pages sometimes don't appear properly (refreshing usually fixed
>     JWC> it).
> The web server you connect to is running on the Debian box as well?  Are
> you really sure you don't connect through any proxy?  Have you tried
> another kind of web browser?

The web server is indeed running on the same system.  No, there is no
proxy, unless the default debian installation put on in place (I'm not
very familiar with Debian).  I can assure you that there was no proxy in
place during any of the Red Hat testing.  

I have tried both current versions of Mozilla (0.9.6 and 0.9.5) and
Netscape 4.78 (I had to adjust the mime-types on this one so it didn't
see the .pl file as a download).

The two systems are connected via a 10/100 switch (not a hub).  I have
no problem with any kind of connectivity between them, other than
Gnatsweb sometimes not having headers on it's pages.

> I'm no Gnatsweb/Apache/Web guru as well, but I sometimes meet very
> strange things when working with web.  If all the answers to the
> questions above are "yes", I can't help with the problem. :-(

Thanks for the attempt.

Would anyone be willing to configure a virgin installation (Red Hat,
Debian, or other) via an SSH connection for me?  It seems that the
common consensus is that I'm mucking something up during the
installation.  So, if someone else is willing to help, I'd be willing to
set up a box to be remotely configured.  

Jamin W. Collins

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