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Re: How configurable is Gnats?

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: How configurable is Gnats?
Date: 25 Dec 2001 00:05:24 +0100
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>>>>> "SMP" == Stephen M Przepiora <address@hidden> writes:

    SMP> Hello all, I was wondering how configurable Gnats is? It
    SMP> appears in the documentation for dbconfig that it is entirely
    SMP> configurable and that there aren't any required fields. However
    SMP> going through the other parts of the documentation leads one to
    SMP> believe there are required fields. Does anyone know which is
    SMP> true?

I believe `number', `category' and `unformatted' are absolutely
necessary and it wouldn't make much sense to go without them.  Maybe
other fields are always required too, you can experiment.  I'd like to
know whether there are required fields other than the three above.


Milan Zamazal

When you're in a fight with an idiot, it's difficult for other people to tell
which one the idiot is.                       -- Bruce Perens in debian-devel

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