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Re: Q - Gnats 4.0-alpha quickies

From: Tim Freedom
Subject: Re: Q - Gnats 4.0-alpha quickies
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 22:17:45 -0800

From: Milan Zamazal
Date: 25 Dec 2001 19:20:07 +0100

>>>>> "TF" == Tim Freedom <address@hidden> writes:

    TF> How ?  What would you suggest I do to find useful info ?

Do other formats (-q etc.) work?  What if you set up a new
database with the default dbconfig?  If nothing helps then we
need to know an exact way how to reproduce the bug (including
the configuration).

Yup, all the different formats seem to work except for -F (full).


 query-pr --format standard 7
 query-pr --format summary 7
 query-pr --format sql 7
 query-pr --format sql2 7
 query-pr -q

I'll ask the maintainer of the site for what you note above
(with default dbconfig); is there anything else I can do as
a user ?



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