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Re: gnats/263

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Re: gnats/263
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 01:50:49 +0100

At 21:55 07.12.01 +0100, Milan Zamazal wrote:
We shouldn't be so much generous, since this would make the distribution
significantly larger.  I think we should include Info; PostScript and
HTML are under consideration, there is no point in inclusion of DVI and

The fact that the distribution would be larger is a valid point, but I think the case for including PDF is strong (DVI isn't very important, since it for most purposes is simply a step in the creation of a Postscript file), since Info and Postscript are cumbersome formats to handle when you aren't on a Linux / UNIX platform. Very few Windows machines have software installed that allows Postscript viewing on-sceen, and even sending a Postscript file to the printer from a Windows machine is a challenge. Thus, I'd ask you to reconsider, and if PDF isn't included we should at the very least provide a downloadable version from the GNU website. A raw PDF created from the current manual runs at 365kB gzipped, but I believe that running it through an optimization in Adobe Acrobat should reduce the size significantly.

- Yngve

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