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'send-pr --database' is broken in 4.0 beta

From: Mel Hatzis
Subject: 'send-pr --database' is broken in 4.0 beta
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 15:24:14 -0700
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The send-pr program has a couple of bugs in it associated with
the '--database' option.

 1. invoking send-pr --database=xx doesn't work (a space is
    required between the '--database' and the 'xx'. Given
    the usage line, this is very misleading.

 2. the '--database' option in send-pr simply sets the GNATSDB
    environment variable to whatever value is specified. This
    is inconsistent with the use of the --database option in
    all the other gnats programs and furthermore, won't work
    at ends up pointing to the 'default' database.

Regarding #2, I've previously mailed a few messages to the
group with the subject 'use of GNATSDB'....I'd really like
to see this working and will gladly submit a patch if
people are interested in my proposed solution - to use
a GNATSID environment variable in addition to GNATSDB.

GNATSID would be set to database names that are defined in
the databases file (e.g. GNATSID=otherdb) and GNATSDB will
continue to work as documented
(e.g GNATSDB=host:port:name:user:passwd)

Since the databases file can define a database as being
remote, the GNATSID variable will make it unecessary to
spell out the host/port...they're already defined in the
databases file.

Anyone have an opinion.


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