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Re: 4.0 beta - question on parsing of subject line in PR header

From: Mel Hatzis
Subject: Re: 4.0 beta - question on parsing of subject line in PR header
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 16:19:11 -0700
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Mel Hatzis wrote:
Milan Zamazal wrote:

"MH" == Mel Hatzis <address@hidden> writes:

    MH> After understanding this a little more, we determined that there
    MH> was definitely a bug here. The regular expression used is
    MH> incorrect ...for one, it requires a '\<' as the start of the
    MH> subject line in order to match. It is also missing an escape
    MH> character before the '|' and is incorrectly anchored to the
    MH> beginning of the subject line.

    MH> I have attached a patch.
Thank you, Mel, for the patch.  Before I apply it, I'd like to clarify
one little thing: Do you know why `\\<' didn't work?  It should mean
"beginning of a word", should it be notated in a different way (other
than the one you've used)?

Milan, I was incorrect regarding the use of '\\<' does work.
You can change the pattern match to the following:

  "(.*[^\\<])?\\<((PR[ \t/])\\|([-a-z0-9_+.]+/))([0-9]+)"

I tested this and it works. I guess this is what was originally intended.

Thinking about this some more, it would be *really* useful to allow this
regular expression to be overriden in the dbconfig file. Allowing user's
to define their own would provide them the flexibility to get as fancy
as they want with some of the corner cases where the default regex behaviour
is not desirable...such as "Re: PR 50 (was PR 33)" which matches PR 33.


Mel Hatzis
Juniper Networks, Inc.

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