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Re: use of GNATSDB

From: Lars Henriksen
Subject: Re: use of GNATSDB
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 14:21:49 +0200
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On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 02:03:08PM +0200, Lars Henriksen wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 07:21:11PM -0800, Mel Hatzis wrote:
> > I'm trying to setup a separate database instance by adding a line
> > into the share/gnats/databases file and setting the GNATSDB env
> > variable to point to it. I can successfully 'telnet localhost port#'
> > and, say, lockdb, but when I try using pr-edit it ends up locking
> > the default database.
> I can't reproduce this behaviour. Whether GNATSDB is set or not, the command
> "pr-edit --lockdb" seems to lock nothing at all. Neither does "pr-edit
> --database=<db> --lockdb". On the other hand, "pr-edit --lock <user> <PR>"
> honors GNATSDB as well as the --database option.

That wasn't the whole story. In fact GNATSDB is honored by pr-edit when
you specify a remote database, but not when you specify a local one.

Lars Henriksen

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