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Re: X-GNATS-NOTIFY & the CC list in 4.0

From: Lars Henriksen
Subject: Re: X-GNATS-NOTIFY & the CC list in 4.0
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 10:23:23 +0200
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On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 02:44:26PM -0800, Dirk Bergstrom wrote:
> i propose:
> *) in place of x-gnats-notify, add a field to the standard dbconfig called 
> "CC-On-Change-List" (or something like that).
> *) change the audit-mail format thusly:
>     header {
> -     format "Subject: Re: %s/%s\n"
> +     format "Subject: Re: %s/%s\nCc: %s\n"
> -     fields { "Category" "Number" }
> +     fields { "Category" "Number" "CC-On-Change-List" }
>     }
> *) remove the Cc: and X-GNATS-Notify headers from send-pr, and remove the 
> [-c|--cc] option.
> *) remove the code supporting XGN/CC from gnatsweb.
> this will give us most of the same functionality, without a bunch of 
> bag-on-the-side support for random headers.  it also gives users the choice 
> of whether or not to have a CC functionality.
> what do y'all think?

Sorry for the slow reaction. This is a good idea. I have noticed that you (?)
have removed X-GNATS-Notify from in the current CVS version. I have
tested your suggestion of introducing a new field in dbconfig and it works out

One suggestion though. Instead of tagging a Cc: header onto Subject:, I have
simply added the new field (Notify-List in my case) to to-addresses in the
audit-mail format:

   to-addresses {
        "Reply-To:" | "From:" | "From"

By the way, there are still two X-GNATS-Notify occurrences left in,
so the mail header is still present in PRs. Is that on purpose?

Lars Henriksen

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