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Master/Slave setup with gnatsweb (Gnats 4)?

From: Arne Lindström
Subject: Master/Slave setup with gnatsweb (Gnats 4)?
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 15:39:07 +0200

I'm in the process of setting up a Gnats 4 where some developers will be
working from anoter site with only e-mail connection to our site

The idea is to have a "Master-Slave" setup with the gnats server at our site
being the master and another at the other site being a "slave" with read
access only (from the web interface).

Now to the question/problem, Is there a way to make it so that GnatsWeb uses
send-pr/edit-pr instead of contacting the gnatsd-server.

Arne Lindström

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