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Re: gnats/gnats

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: gnats/gnats
Date: 28 Jun 2002 16:13:26 +0200
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>>>>> "MH" == Mel Hatzis <address@hidden> writes:

    >>> Rather than simply ignore all 'remote' databases, can I suggest
    >>> capturing the host field (if it's defined) and checking it
    >>> against the current host.
    >> Hmm, this is easier said than done. The host field may contain a
    >> DNS name different from any physical host name. In clusters this
    >> may be further complicated by cluster aliases. But fine with me
    >> provided the "combined" local/remote format really is supported
    >> by the code.

    MH> I agree that this would require careful
    MH> consideration....however, IMO, it's the right solution to the
    MH> problem.

Well, would anyone like to provide appropriate patch?

(I'm going to be busy for another week now, so please pardon me if I
won't answer e-mails right now.  Then I'll attempt once again to get in
synchronization with GNATS bug reports etc. -- if I'm not successful
with it till the end of August, I'll have to resign on maintaining
GNATS. :-( )


Milan Zamazal

And why?

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