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discovering names of builtin fields through gnatsd

From: Mike Hoolehan
Subject: discovering names of builtin fields through gnatsd
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 10:58:27 -0400
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Is there a way to find out what a builtin field is named through gnatsd?  I
was unable to find anything regarding this in the documentation.

I think the absence of this somewhat limits the ability to make useful
tie-in software that could work across all installations.  Imagine
someone wanting to write a simple script that would list the synopses 
(only) of bugs in the system.  I think they would be confounded by this
simple script because there would no way to determine which field was in
fact the 'synopsis' field.  

It would be trivial to get it to work on your own installation, but to offer
the software to other people would be cumbersome.  ("If your field isn't
named 'Synopsis' please change it in the configure script")


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