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Help with configuration

From: Bill
Subject: Help with configuration
Date: 21 Aug 2002 16:13:05 -0400

Hello all

I apologize if this subject has been previously addressed, I did look
through the archive but I did not read every single message there.

I recently installed gnats but have been unable to use it as of yet. 
When I attempt to submit a PR, sendmail errors out saying that queue-pr
is unavailable to any sendmail programs.  I've looked through numerous
documentation sources and cannot find anything that remotely addresses
this problem.

My first thought was to check permissions on queue-pr and they are set
to world executable.  All of the directories in the hierarchy seem to
have the correct permissions as well.  What else might need to be done
to make this program 'available' to sendmail?

Any help would be appreciated.


Bill Halpin
Collaborative Fusion
Pittsburgh, PA

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