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Re: gnatsweb problem

From: Bill
Subject: Re: gnatsweb problem
Date: 22 Aug 2002 09:53:05 -0400

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 02:45, Lars Henriksen wrote:

> Very useful. You (and the gnatsweb client) must be able to connect to the
> gnatsd server (which doesn't speak http, but its own lingo).
> > Connected to (
> > Escape character is '^]'.
> > Connection closed by foreign host.
> The host you are connecting from (presumably the same as you are connecting
> to) is being denied access. 

Lars, are you sure of this?  The way I see it, port 1529 is listening
for connections but I was disconnected because the listener is not a
telnetd service. 
To verify, try putting this line in the host
> access file:
> *:edit

Host access file?  Are you taking about gnatsd.access?  I thought
gnatsd.access file has three required fields, you didnt mean
gnatsd.conf?  I do have the following line in my gnatsd.access:


> and connect to the gnatsd port with telnet again. If you get a connection this
> time, you were not connecting from a 192.168.1.* address.

Every machine on the network where gnats is being installed has a
192.168.1.* address.
 Does your gnats/web
> server have more than one net interface?

No it does not.

Marc De Boeck also responded and his suggestion was to include the
following line in gnatsd.access:


Before I received your emails, I had the following line already in that


I since changed it to edit with no change in error.  According to the
header of that file, listdb is not an option for the 3rd field, is this
a difference in versions?  I am running  3.113.1.

He also mentioned putting gnats in debug mode and trying the web
interface anyway.  I did this but did not receive any more debugging
info than before.



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