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Running gnatsd from init.d

From: Bill
Subject: Running gnatsd from init.d
Date: 26 Aug 2002 12:13:53 -0400

Hello folx

I was curious if anyone has ever tried to run gnatsd as a service from
init.d instead of through inetd?  My boss wants gnats running on the
same server as our groupware (Insightserver) but the groupware takes
control of inetd as part of its installation.  I can setup the inetd to
listen on 1529 but it blocks the traffic from being forwarded to
gnatsd.  I've been looking for something in the config that might cause
it but my efforts have been fruitless.  I was thinkin maybe if I
reconfigured gnats to run on a lower port, and then had it started
through init.d it might circumvent the problem?

Any thoughts, ideas, insights?



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