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Cannot send new PR after editing a PR using GNATS/TkGNATS

From: David Miller
Subject: Cannot send new PR after editing a PR using GNATS/TkGNATS
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 08:20:27 +0200

We are running GNATS 3.113.1 and TkGNATS 3.0.16 on Solaris 5.6 UltraSparc.
When we edit a PR in TkGNATS
it takes the new data and we are able to save it. When we try to add a new
PR, it doesnt appear on the query list
in TkGNATS. After examining the files in gnats-queue and gnats-adm, we saw:

- index is owned by $USER and $GROUP after running npr-edit and does not
contain the new PR
- the PR that was edited is also owned by $USER , $GROUP after running
- the new PR in gnats-queue remains as a hidden file (pre-appended with a
- the new PR is filed correctly under the proper category/directory 

Since the npr-edit program appears to be owned by the person editing, it
prevents further updates
by other users. What can we do to remedy this problem ?

David Miller <<tkgnats.config>> 
Alvarion, Ltd.
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David Miller
VLSI engineer

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