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query-pr email based limitation

From: Peter Chiang
Subject: query-pr email based limitation
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 16:27:35 -0700

there is a limitaton on query-pr email based. when i tried to send a email
to query-pr using a long option on the subject line, some of output got
truncated.  This same long option works fine on command line. is there a way
around this? here is the result that got trucated . It looks like there is a
max of 50 chars.

did not work
-d test01 -r joe -s open -L group1 -x -F -a 09/01/02 -S internal

it return with

query-pr output [-d test01 -r joe -s open -L group1 -x -F -a]
query-pr: option requires an argument -- a
Usage: query-pr [OPTION]... [PR]...
Query database.

it works for exactly 50 chars
-d test01 -r joe -s open -L group1 -x -F -a 09/01

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