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Idea: Storing mail in a category/PR.mbox file?

From: Chad Walstrom
Subject: Idea: Storing mail in a category/PR.mbox file?
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 19:21:51 -0500

I've recently switched jobs again and found myself installing gnats in
yet another work environment.  ;-)  While experimenting and testing, as
with any software, my mind wandered to "wouldn't it be nice if..." and
"I wish it would do..." thoughts.  Naturally, I would like to pass some
of these random gems on to the greater public to be flamed thoroughly.

One of the more interesting thoughts I had was about the separation
between email data and the PR metadata.  There can be lots of email
generated while discussing a particular problem.  Some is worth keeping,
others are worth deleting.  We can currently edit the PR manually, but
sometimes it's valuable to have the full conversation archived.

If we were to shunt off each email untouched to an mbox named after the
PR, we could easily recover the whole discussion and display them using
any standard email client.  The metadata about the PR could still be
maintained in the same manner it is today, but audit trails would be
more terse by referencing Message-ID's in the category/PR_NUMBER.mbox

My ideas ran off from there, but this one seemed interesting enough to
pass on.  Thoughts?

Chad Walstrom <address@hidden>                 | a.k.a. ^chewie                            | s.k.a. gunnarr

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