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Re: Patch for

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Re: Patch for
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 23:15:43 +0200

At 21:02 29.09.2002 +0200, Lars Henriksen wrote:
Attached is my attempt at eliminating the field/parameter/upper-case/lower-case
conversions from gnatsweb.

Thanks! I have applied the patch. I was a bit uncertain about the anchored regexp stuff, but I decided it is an OK temporary solution and it certainly follows the "principle of least surprise" for users.

Here is the Changelog entry for this commit:

        * field2param and param2field are gone.  We now
          operate exclusively both internally and externally with proper
          dbconfig fieldnames, not lower-case versions.  This breaks
          compatibility of Gnatsweb 2.x and older Gnatsweb 3.x stored
          queries with this version.  site-files may also need a slight
          change, in that the callbacks edit_intro_'fieldname' and
          sendpr_intro_'fieldname' need to have 'fieldname' changed from
          the lower case name to the fieldname set in dbconfig.  Changes
          due to Lars Henriksen.
        - (submitquery): Use anchored regexp searches for enumerated
          types.  Changes due to Lars Henriksen.
        * CUSTOMIZE.cb: Explicitly state that the edit_intro_'fieldname'
          and sendpr_intro_'fieldname' should have 'fieldname' set to the
          dbconfig fieldname, not the lower case version.
        * Amend the edit_intro_'fieldname' and
          sendpr_intro_'fieldname' to take the above into account.

- Yngve

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