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RE: Patch: Fix user authentication + MKDB

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: RE: Patch: Fix user authentication + MKDB
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 13:42:45 +0200

At 10:45 04.10.2002 -0700, Pankaj K Garg wrote:
> Thanks. I believe this version is OK and may be comitted.

Thanks. Here's the final version of the patch for both
Gnats and Gnatsweb.

I've taken care of the appropriate documentation for
Gnats also.

Can someone please commit these patches.

Done. I made some minor changes to the documentation parts of the patches. Here is the Changelog entry:

2002-10-14  Pankaj K. Garg  <address@hidden>

        * gnatsd.access: Say a bit more about password encryption methods.
        Mention empty passwords.  Say that default access level is
        `listdb', not `edit'.  Change example entry to set blank password
        for view access.

        * gnats.texi (gnatsd.user_access): Say a bit more about password
        encryption methods.  Amend examples to illustrate the use of blank
        passwords.  Demonstrate the new fall-through mechanism for
        password matching.

        * gnatsd.c (password_match): Clean up password matching.  Handle
        blank passwords.
        (findUserAccessLevel): If the password given during the login is
        not blank and doesn't match the correct password, deny access.

        * cmds.c (GNATS_user): Handle case where a blank password has been
        given by user.  Change usage message to allow for blank passwords.
        (gnatsdChdb): Handle blank passwords.
        (GNATS_chdb): Allow for one, two or three arguments to CHDB.
        (GNATS_help): Amend help text for CHDB and USER.

- Yngve

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