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RE: gnatsweb help

From: Tume R?mer
Subject: RE: gnatsweb help
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 14:43:45 +0200

I've had the same problem and basically what I have done is some tcl scripts which
runs through all files saved in the database and everytime it recognizes a line in
the file, writes it to file. Then you need to do some collection of data on the data gathered
and finally use that data to create a presentation webpage.
I'm running the presentation webpage in PHP on an Apache server. I am also running
jpgraph to create some really nice graphs of the database :-) Unfortunately the
scripts are currently propriatary so a cannot share them with this forum.
The graphing I am doing is
Running graph over time , #pr in state
# PR in catagory versus state
#PR in responsible versus state
#PR per submitter versus catagory
#PR per responsible CLOSED (busters)
I would very much appreciate to have GNATSTATS capability added to the gnatsweb :-)
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From: amydeng [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: den 13 oktober 2002 14:08
To: address@hidden
Subject: gnatsweb help

I'v installed gnatsweb for gnats3.113,and it runs very well,
and I want to add a website for "GNATS Bug Database Summary"
just like this,it can be generated automatically 
State Count
open 2442
analyzed 149
feedback 168
suspended 55
closed 14617

16% not yet closed.

Tables in this Summary
PR category definitions
PRs by category
PRs by class
PRs by responsible person
PRs by submission year

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