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Removed lines in responsible

From: Dieperink Alwin
Subject: Removed lines in responsible
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 18:44:35 +0200


In our project, people are coming and leaving. For each change, we adapt the
"responsible" file. When someone is leaving, then we reassign each open PR
to someone else and then remove that person from the file. But we don't
change all the closed PRs (this is a lot of work). Now the behaviour is
somewhat strange (or at lease inconsistent).

- The responsible for PR 123 is John (I looked in the PR file). The index
file also contains John. John isn't anymore in the responsible file.
- When doing a query, the shown responsible is Jack. In fact, Jack is the
last one in the responsible file. When I add another at the end of file,
it's that new one which is displayed.
- When viewing the PR, the shown responsible is John.
- When editing the PR, then responsible now becomes gnats-admin, as it is
the first one in the list.

What should be the correct behaviour of Gnats ? How should we handle leaving
person ? We don't want to change all the closed PRs (several hundreds) and
don't want to keep in the responsible file all the persons who have once
been responsible for a PR.

-- Alwin

Environment: Gnatsweb v3.99.3, Gnats v4.0-beta1

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