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Re: Running gnatsd from init.d

From: Mel Hatzis
Subject: Re: Running gnatsd from init.d
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:30:44 -0700
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I've recently spent some time adding the ability to run gnatsd in
'long-running-daemon' mode. As can be expected, it runs noticeably
faster and allows for a host of performance improvements.
I made the changes compatible with running in inetd mode based on
a compile time switch.

After some testing though, I uncovered a race condition with respect
to reading the index, and I'm sure there'll be others. This effort
will need some soak-time, but I really feel that it's a worthwhile
effort. Anyone have an opinion on this?

I'll gladly supply the patch if there's interest. The switch to turn
this functionality on can be omitted from the 4.0 release documentation
and perhaps, advertised as a 4.1 feature.

Mel Hatzis
Juniper Networks, Inc.

On 09/01/02 02:44, Milan Zamazal wrote:
"B" == Bill  <address@hidden> writes:

    B> Hello folx I was curious if anyone has ever tried to run gnatsd
B> as a service from init.d instead of through inetd?
AFAIK gnatsd can't serve multiple connections.  So you had to use some
sort of wrapper to run gnatsd in a daemon mode.


Milan Zamazal

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