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Re: Proposal: Replacement for X-GNATS-Notify

From: Andrew Gray
Subject: Re: Proposal: Replacement for X-GNATS-Notify
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 22:48:42 +1000

> The X-GNATS-Notify and "CC these people..." problem has been mentioned 

> I would recommend that we go with the (2a) solution, since it is 
> non-intrusive and low-risk and (2b) requires a bit of work and might touch 
> a good deal of code and thus introduce risks. Doing that this close to 
> (probably) release might not be a good idea.
> So, what do you all say?

The (2a) solution sounds good to me.

> Andrew: I'd be happy to implement and commit these changes.


Andrew Gray

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