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RE: Autentication Again...

From: Eicke Felipe
Subject: RE: Autentication Again...
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 12:13:50 +0000

Hi Priya

I follow your instructions but when I tried to access gnatsweb the following error message appears:

Return code: 422 - Access denied (login again & check usercode/password)

Another question...In your environment when the user priya log she only edit her pr's and sees others?

Could you help me?

From: "Nayar, Priya G" <address@hidden>
To: 'Eicke Felipe' <address@hidden>, address@hidden
Subject: RE: Autentication Again...
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 11:11:43 +0530

in the file gnatsd.access in the following path(it depends on where u hv
installed, and compiles ur sources for gnats...)

address@hidden gnats]$ pwd
address@hidden gnats]$ ls
dead.letter    gnats-3.999.1.tar  gnatsscripts  support
forceLogo.gif  gnats-3.999.1  gnats-install      gnatsweb.cgi  mbox
address@hidden gnats]$ cd gnats-install/
address@hidden gnats-install]$ ls
bin  com  etc  info  libexec  man  share
address@hidden gnats-install]$ cd com/
address@hidden com]$ ls
dummyproj gnatsdb gnatstest library project1 project2 project3 tester
address@hidden com]$ cd dummyproj/
address@hidden dummyproj]$ ls
dummyproj documentation  dummyproj firmware  dummyproj hardware  dummyproj
software  gnats-adm  gnats-queue  pending
address@hidden dummyproj]$ cd gnats-adm/
address@hidden gnats-adm]$ ls
addresses  categories  classes  current  dbconfig  gnatsd.access  index
locks  responsible  states  submitters
address@hidden gnats-adm]$ vi gnatsd.access
#                  User access levels with the GNATS daemon.
# Any line which begins with a `#' is considered a comment, and GNATS
# will ignore it.
# Each entry has the format:
#       userid:password:access-level:database-alias
# Wildcard characters are supported for userid, password and database.
#            "*" matches anything; "?" matches any single character
#       * userid:   a user id to gain access to gnatsd
#       * password: a password for the user.  Passwords prefixed by $0$ are
#               assumed to be plain-text.  Passwords without a prefix are
#               assumed to be encrypted with standard crypt(), while
#               prefixed with $1$ are assumed to be MD5 encrypted.
#               MD5 and crypt() encryption may not be available on all
#       * access-level: (default = edit)
#               deny     - gnatsd closes the connection
# none - no further access until userid and password given
#               listdb   - same as 'none', except that the user is allowed
#                          list the available databases on the server
#               view     - query and view PRs with Confidential=no only
#               viewconf - query and view PRs with Confidential=yes
#               edit     - full edit access
#               admin    - full admin access (required for operations such
#                          deleting PRs)
# This overrides (increases but never lowers) the access level given # as the default for the user's host in the global gnatsd.conf file.
#       * database-alias: a comma-separated list of database names.
#         It's ignored in gnatsd-adm/gnatsd.access since this file is
#         database specific.

set the access levels for different users as view, edit or admin(all
privileges). this file exists for each & every project in the database. u
can set different people to hv differet access levels for different
in file shown to u for ref, users priya & bjuda hv edit access.

"gnatsd.access" 38L, 1823C

hope this helps & answers ur question.


-----Original Message-----
From: Eicke Felipe [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 12:29 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Autentication Again...

Hi folks...
I installed Gnatsweb v3.99.3 and Gnats v4.0-beta1. Everything is functional
but I need to control the access by user. When the user X that have a
password logs in gnastsweb only control your tasks and see anothers belong
to others users. Is There a way to configure this environment?
Today any user get access into gnatsweb no password, this is very
dangerous...I need help.

Thanks and regards.

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