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Re: multiple databases and virtual domains

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Re: multiple databases and virtual domains
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 21:18:20 +0200

At 13:50 06.06.2003 -0400, Mehul N. Sanghvi wrote:
   If GNATS relies on the MTA for virtual domain support, I would
    guess that each of the databases I create would have to be setup
    correctly as a virtual address as far as the MTA is considered.

Yes, you need to have the MTA figure out everything regarding addressing. GNATS only takes over from the point where mail is delivered to an address on the system. It does not parse the To: address or attempt any other magic to figure out which database the message should go into, so you need a separate address for each database.

p.s. The documentation regarding 'mkdb'  should mention the fact that
     you need to setup mail aliases for every database that you
     create.  I wrongly assumed that it was not necessary anymore
     since it wasn't in the documentation.

Good point. I will look into fixing that.

Yngve Svendsen

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