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CCing people on ALL PR changes | status ?

From: Emmanuel ELIEN
Subject: CCing people on ALL PR changes | status ?
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 09:27:39 GMT


Please can you give me a status about the possibility to "CCing people
on ALL PR changes"

This option can be very useful for me.

By advance thanks.

Here a copy of the previous message thread

Given the relatively complex dbconfig in my organisation, we wouldn't
use this because it would end up generating alot of spam. We actually
wanted the opposite...the ability to add to the audit-trail without
sending email - and we ended up creaing a new 'Change-Log' field to
work in concert with the 'Audit-Trail'.

However, it would be nice to expand the list of actions associated with
'on-change' to include a 'send-email' action. This would allow for the
scenario you have outlined, in addition to allowing user's to generate
email on various specific conditions that apply to them without
the action to be logged. Allowing a 'mail-format' attribute to be
associated with the 'send-email' action would also prove very useful,
thereby giving users the flexibility to create their own mail-formats
and tie them to their own email conditions.

Mel Hatzis
Juniper Networks, Inc.

On 10/20/02 15:13, Yngve Svendsen wrote:

    While working on the replacement to the X-GNATS-notify
functionality, it occured to me that there should be a way to CC people
on ALL changes to a PR, not just on the changes that generate an
Audit-Trail entry. I can see no sane way to do this currently (any
dbconfig hacks to prove me wrong would be most welcome), except for
configuring all fields to generate an Audit-Trail entry upon change,
which hardly seems sane.

    I guess what I am looking for is a way to trigger sending of mail
from the global "on-change" section of dbconfig, with an appropriate

    Does this seem useful to anyone else?

    Yngve Svendsen

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