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Installation issues can't find send-pr.conf

From: Brad Wyman
Subject: Installation issues can't find send-pr.conf
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 16:11:25 -0500


        I'm a newbie (at system administrating but not at using gnats) and have 
run into a couple of issues installing gnats.  

I'm working with gnats 3.999.2 

Does anybody know the answer to the following:

1) The command:
         make install-info 
returns with "no rule to make install-info"  The previous command of make info 
appeared to complete normally.  Is this step important?  I appear to have the 
man pages installed, so I'm not sure what this was suppose to do.

2) I do not have a send-pr.conf file located anywhere.  I used the default 
configuration so it should reside in /usr/local/etc/gnats.  It is not there.  
Yet when I use the send-pr command it comes up with a template.  Has the 
functionality of the send-pr.conf been replaced by the dbconfig file?  Could 
someone send me a sample send-pr.conf file to edit?


Brad Wyman

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