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Re: Installation issues can't find send-pr.conf

From: Mariusz Pekala
Subject: Re: Installation issues can't find send-pr.conf
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 08:18:50 +0200
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Brad Wyman (wto 22. lipiec 2003 23:11):
> Hi,
> 1) The command:
>        make install-info
> returns with "no rule to make install-info"  The previous command of make
> info appeared to complete normally.  Is this step important?  I appear to
> have the man pages installed, so I'm not sure what this was suppose to do.

I just ignored this in my case. Info pages appeared to be installed.
Probably 'make install' or 'make info' installs info-pages, but I haven't 
verified this assumption.

> 2) I do not have a send-pr.conf file located anywhere.  I used the default
> configuration so it should reside in /usr/local/etc/gnats.  It is not
> there.  Yet when I use the send-pr command it comes up with a template. 
> Has the functionality of the send-pr.conf been replaced by the dbconfig
> file?  Could someone send me a sample send-pr.conf file to edit?

I found some small send-pr.conf in gnats/debian/misc/send-pr.conf
It's all commented-out, and contains two variables:

# Id of the submitting organization

# The site *receiving* the bug reports

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