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Problems with gnats/gnatsweb 4.0 beta and access

From: Erwin, Richard D
Subject: Problems with gnats/gnatsweb 4.0 beta and access
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 14:55:02 -0700


I have gnats 3.999/4.0-beta installed, but have a problem concerning access.

/usr/local/com/gnatsdb/test/gnats-adm ("test" being out test database) has 
gnatsd.user_access.  The users are set at view - I've tried them set at edit.  
Passwords are presently in text format, as we upgraded from gnats 3.113.

/usr/local/etc/gnats has gnatsd.host_access has the given compute servers 
through which gnats can be accessed set to none.  If I set localview to none, I 
get a 422 error and can't log into gnatsweb.  If I set localview to edit, I get 
into the database, password or no password, valid userid or not a valid userid.

CHDB shows...

CHDB test
210-Now accessing GNATS database 'test'
210 User access level set to 'none'

How should I set gnatsd.user_access within a given database, and 
gnatsd_host.access within the general area (/usr/local/etc/gnats) or withina 
given database (in this case, /usr/local/etc/gnats/test)?  What am I doing 
wrong here?

All advice gratefully accepted,

Rich Erwin
Boeing SSG - M&CT Support
(425) 865-3414

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