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Gnatsweb notify-list field mods

From: Steven.J.Clark
Subject: Gnatsweb notify-list field mods
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 16:36:47 -0500

I recently installed gnats and gnatsweb at the direction of my supervisor.  Some of the users have suggested that I change Notify-List field on the create page in gnatsweb from a text type to a multi-enumerated-in-file.

I made changes to the Notify-List field in the dbconfig file; and it displays all of the email addresses that I placed in a "email" file in the gnats-adm directory.  My problem is that now whenever I go to query any of the reports, I get a 622 error that states that the index file for this particular database "contains incorrect number of fields".

I've run gen-index on the database and that did not resolve the problem.  What other things can I try?

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