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Error Code 431

From: Prashanth Guduru
Subject: Error Code 431
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 06:25:17 -0700 (PDT)


I have gnats-4.0 installed and have gnatsd running on
a machine. I have gnatsweb-4.0 setup on my webserver
machine and have setup the gnatsweb.html
I now have created 4 databases and whenever anyone
tries to create a PR the gnats.lock file in the
$GNATSROOT/database/gnats-adm directory doesnt get
deleted. After the PR is submitted, the gnatsweb page
says "Error : unparseable reply from server". When
queried i can see the PR created. I have also tried
creating a PR using send-pr from  a different machine
than the one that runs gnatsd and has databases on it.
I have set the GNATSDB env variable for this to work.
send-pr creates a new PR but i have also observed the
gnats.lock file is created and then deleted by the
send-pr. I have been having difficulties figuring out
why gnatsweb's create PR request is not being handled
properly by the gnatsd. Is there a way i can view the
logs/output of gnatsd. Have anybody seen this kinda
behaviour before. THanks in advance.


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