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Fwd: Re: Error Code 431

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Fwd: Re: Error Code 431
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 20:28:05 +0200

(sorry I am sending this to you twice, Prashanth, but I forgot to cc help-gnats)

At 07:17 10.09.2003 -0700, Prashanth Guduru wrote:
Hi Yngve,

THanks for your prompt response. I have actually done
that, i mean having "?debug=all" appended to the url.
I have 2 different databases, the first one i created
was "test", it doesnt have any categories except for
the default ones.


THis is the last client command that is run in both
the cases. For the test database i can see the
server_reply: 210 PR added and in case of the other
database when PR is created the "server_reply:" is
empty and thats when i get "Error: Unparseable reply
from server" and that follows the "Problem Report
Sent. THank you for your report...........". I have
closely observed the both databases, except for the
categories there is no difference in them atall. I
dont quite understand why isnt there a 210 PR added
response from server and why is'nt the gnats.lock file
getting deleted. Any comments.

I have seen similar things happening before and am pretty sure that what happens is that gnatsd stumbles upon some config problem in the second database during PR submission and that it gets so confused that it crashes. That would explain why it never gets as far as to give the 210 confirmation message and thus also never deletes the lock file. Of course, gnatsd should never crash, no matter what, so if I am correct, this would certainly be a bug.

There are two ways to attack this. The simplest is probably if you check the setup of the second database very carefully, especially the syntaxof all the config files. The other way is to attach a debugger to the gnatsd process and see where it crashes. Unfortunately, I have too little experience with that kind of thing to advise you. I suggest you try to go very carefully through the setup and report what you find.

Perhaps Andrew can contribute some further advise on this?

- Yngve

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