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Re: Fwd: Re: Error Code 431

From: Prashanth Guduru
Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Error Code 431
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 13:04:24 -0700 (PDT)

Hi yngve,

Thats ok. I did the same thing of sending you twice.
Well, i have compared the setups but i am gonna do it
again, very closely. Will get back with the findings.
Thanks again,

--- Yngve Svendsen <address@hidden> wrote:
> (sorry I am sending this to you twice, Prashanth,
> but I forgot to cc 
> help-gnats)
> At 07:17 10.09.2003 -0700, Prashanth Guduru wrote:
> >Hi Yngve,
> >
> >THanks for your prompt response. I have actually
> done
> >that, i mean having "?debug=all" appended to the
> url.
> >I have 2 different databases, the first one i
> created
> >was "test", it doesnt have any categories except
> for
> >the default ones.
> (snip)
> >THis is the last client command that is run in both
> >the cases. For the test database i can see the
> >server_reply: 210 PR added and in case of the other
> >database when PR is created the "server_reply:" is
> >empty and thats when i get "Error: Unparseable
> reply
> >from server" and that follows the "Problem Report
> >Sent. THank you for your report...........". I have
> >closely observed the both databases, except for the
> >categories there is no difference in them atall. I
> >dont quite understand why isnt there a 210 PR added
> >response from server and why is'nt the gnats.lock
> file
> >getting deleted. Any comments.
> I have seen similar things happening before and am
> pretty sure that what 
> happens is that gnatsd stumbles upon some config
> problem in the second 
> database during PR submission and that it gets so
> confused that it crashes. 
> That would explain why it never gets as far as to
> give the 210 confirmation 
> message and thus also never deletes the lock file.
> Of course, gnatsd should 
> never crash, no matter what, so if I am correct,
> this would certainly be a bug.
> There are two ways to attack this. The simplest is
> probably if you check 
> the setup of the second database very carefully,
> especially the syntaxof 
> all the config files. The other way is to attach a
> debugger to the gnatsd 
> process and see where it crashes. Unfortunately, I
> have too little 
> experience with that kind of thing to advise you. I
> suggest you try to go 
> very carefully through the setup and report what you
> find.
> Perhaps Andrew can contribute some further advise on
> this?
> - Yngve

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