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Re: Error Code 431

From: Andrew J. Gray
Subject: Re: Error Code 431
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 18:25:20 +1000

Hi Prashanth,

> Is there a way i can view the
> logs/output of gnatsd.

I have had a look into the gnatsd logging functionality to see if it
might help you with this problem.  Sometimes gnatsd will log error
messages to the system log, so it might be worthwhile looking there to
see if there are any messages that appear when the problem occurs.
(I think the system log is /var/log/messages on a default Red Hat
GNU/Linux installation.)

The gnatsd code has functionality for logging "debugging" information,
but there is no interface for enabling this.  To enable it you would
need to make a small change to the source code, rebuild and reinstall
GNATS.  A patch file with the the required change is at the end of
this message.  The information logged when a PR is successfully
created is not very extensive, it looks like this:

Sep 14 13:22:08 olga gnatsd[1936]: gnatsd: responsible person is: andrewg 
Sep 14 13:22:08 olga gnatsd[1936]: gnatsd: PR written out: 

It is difficult to say if enabling debug logging would help you find
the cause of the problem you are seeing.  I guess it might be worth a
try if you exhaust other approaches.

Andrew J. Gray
GNU GNATS Maintainer

--- gnats-4.0/gnats/gnatsd.c    Tue Oct 22 20:40:57 2002
+++ gnats-4.0patch/gnats/gnatsd.c       Sun Sep 14 13:20:15 2003
@@ -1003,6 +1003,7 @@
   fflush (stdout);
   init_logging (NULL);  
+  enable_debugging ();
   if (gethostname (myname, MAXHOSTNAMELEN) != 0)

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