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Re: Failed to connect error on Gnatsweb installation

From: Hans-Albert Schneider
Subject: Re: Failed to connect error on Gnatsweb installation
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 14:25:05 +0200
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Frank Cohen wrote:
I configured the xinet.d settings to run the /usr/local/libexec/gnats/gnatsd
as a service. I also checked and made sure the /etc/services file contain an
entry for support 1529/tc.
When I do a netstat -v I do not see that gnats is listening on 1529. I
suspect that is the problem.

Is *something* listening there? I mean, it should not be gnatsd itself, it should be xinetd that listens.

Did you tell xinetd to reread its configuration?  I think the command is

        /etc/init.d/xinetd reload

Wait a moment--you wrote that you installed to /usr/gnats, not /usr/local/something. Are you sure that gnatsd is in /usr/local/libexec/gnats/gnatsd ?


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