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Trying to run gnatsweb

From: Paul Richardson
Subject: Trying to run gnatsweb
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 11:09:48 -0700

Hi all, I have installed gnats version 4.0 and am now in the process of trying to run/debug gnatsweb. When I try and run the “test” script I get the error “Gnatsweb unable to connect to the GNATS server”, debugging this problem I notice that the “test” script fails when it calls the subroutine init_fieldinfo. This subroutine is actually implemented in the file Specfically there is a a subroutine call client_cmd(“list InitialRequiredFields”) which fails. I actually tried this list command myself by telnet’ing into the gnats server and trying the command by hand, upon doing so I get the response “416 No such list as InitialRequiredFields


Is it safe to try and remove this particular call to client_cmd from the test to get a positive result,


Thanks in advance



Paul Richardson


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San Francisco, Ca 94107-1989

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