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Re: Error Code 431

From: Prashanth Guduru
Subject: Re: Error Code 431
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 14:52:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

Its been a long time that i havent written back as i
said. I have done some testing and finally found that
there is something wrong in the dbconfig. I had edited
the dbconfig to delete unnecassary fields and i was 
careful in doing so. Whenever i deleted an entry in
sql structure or the others i made sure i also deleted
the qualifying string, like the %s. So i was using
this dbconfig as the default dbconfig, so that all
the databases used it when they were created. Hence
was seeing the same problem in all the databases. I
finally grabbed the original dbconfig that came with
the distribution and started using it. I dont seem
to have the same problem again. Thanks to everyone who
promptly replied to my messages.


--- "Andrew J. Gray" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Prashanth,
> > I have tried what Mel had suggested me to do and i
> get
> > a "210 PR added" message. Im
> > pasting the output below:
> > 200 gnatsdserver GNATS server 4.0 ready.
> >   >Unformatted:
> > .
> > 210 PR added.
> > 
> > This is really confusing. If there is a problem
> with
> > and if its sending bogus to gnatsd
> that it
> > cant handle, then i dont understand why there is
> no
> > error with the test database. From this little
> test
> > that Mel suggested i feel gnatsd shuld be ok. Any
> > ideas?
> Thanks for posting that output.
> I'm not sure I have the details of the problem
> right, so I will repeat
> the key things:
> - When someone submits a PR via Gnatsweb the
> gnats.lock file in
>   $GNATSROOT/database/gnats-adm is created but is
> not deleted.  The PR
>   is created but Gnatsweb reports "Error :
> unparseable reply from
>   server".
> - This happens with all four "real" databases.
> - You can create a PR in the "real" databases by
> using send-pr and by
>   running gnatsd from the command line and entering
> the PR manually
>   (as suggested by Mel).  In this case no error is
> generated and the
>   gnats.lock file is deleted as expected.
> - When you create a test database that does not have
> any categories
>   except for the default ones, you can submit a PR
> via Gnatsweb and
>   the gnats.lock file is deleted as expected.
> Is the above correct?  Have I missed anything you
> think is important?
> From this it appears that something about your
> "real" configurations
> is triggering a problem in the interaction between
> Gnatsweb and
> gnatsd.  That would explain there being no error
> when submitting a PR
> to the test database via Gnatsweb.  In other words,
> it is not simply a
> problem with sending the wrong thing. 
> The test with
> running gnatsd from the command line (as Mel
> suggested) indicates that
> gantsd can handle PR submissions for the "real"
> databases in some
> circumstances, but apparently something is different
> in what Gnatsweb
> does.
> Some things you could try:
> - Adding to the test configuration to make it like
> one of the "real"
>   databases until the problem occurs.  I understand
> this is a tedious
>   process, but it might be effective.
> - Looking for gnatd core files.  If gnatsd is
> crashing, as Yngve
>   suggested, then it may be leaving a core file, as
> Mel indicated.  I
>   do not know where the core file would be created,
> I guess the
>   directory where the gnatsd executable lives, that
> is
>   /usr/local/libexec/gnats be default.  If there is
> no core file there
>   you could try triggering the problem then
> searching the complete
>   file system for core files generated in the last
> 10 minutes:
>   find / -mmin -10 -name core -print
>   The stack trace from a core file would be very
> useful in finding the
>   cause of the problem.
> -- 
> Andrew J. Gray
> GNU GNATS Maintainer

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