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Re: GNATS help needed (2) (i've forgotten the configfiles, sorry)

From: Mel Hatzis
Subject: Re: GNATS help needed (2) (i've forgotten the configfiles, sorry)
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 12:07:47 -0700
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On 10/16/2003 07:12 AM, Leu, Fa. PostDirekt MA wrote:

i am trying to customize and translate GNATS to have a German User Interface. After serveral good iterations i'am stuck - since i've changed the field "Closed-Date" send-pr won't do anything anymore and gnatsweb returns "unparseable reply from gnatsd:" (without a reply) in the directory gnats-adm a file "gnats.lock" is created. I've undone my changes but get still the same result. 1. What can i do to recover.

Try running gnatsd standalone...


If it comes up fine, you can then try creating a PR manually
using the 'subm' command. You'll need to create a PR file and
cut-and-paste it into the gnatsd "shell" after invoking the
'subm' command....end the input with a '.' on a line by itself.
This may result in an error that will pinpoint the problem.

The fact that a "gnats.lock" is left in your gnats-adm directory
implies that gnatsd is dumping core. If you get a core dump
when you try the above, email the help list with the stack
trace and we may be able to help you further.

2. Is a translation generally possible (may be there are hardcoded fieldnames, 

The gnats server itself uses a few builtin fields...these
can be identified by the inclusion of a 'builtin-name' entry
in the field definition in the dbconfig. As long as you
leave the builtin-name entry alone, you should be able to
change the name....the builtin-name's are hardcoded in the
gnats server.

Note that gnatsweb has a number of hardcoded field names and
unfortunately, it does *not* use the it will
fail. You'll need to hack it and rename all the hardcoded fields
...or perhaps someone will be gracious enough to fix it so that
it also uses the builtin-names defined in the dbconfig. This
won't be straightforward, because the gnats server itself will
need to be enhanced to return the builtin fields along with
their builtin names.

Unfortunately, send-pr also has a few hardcoded field names
...the ones you really need to worry about are 'responsible'
and 'category'. Once again, the only alternative for getting
this to work, is to hack it and replace the hardcoded field

Mel Hatzis

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