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Re: submitting followups through gnatsweb

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Re: submitting followups through gnatsweb
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 15:53:27 +0100
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Roman Neuhauser wrote:

Hi there,

I installed GNATS 4.0, including gnatsweb that came bundled in the
tarball. It's most probably my thick skull, but I just don't see it: how
do I submit a followup through gnatsweb?

Gnatsweb is not by default meant to support submission of follow-ups directly. It is mainly meant to be a tool to be used internally by support organizations, and the standard way for "customers" to submit follow-ups to a GNATS report is by e-mail. That is why there is a "send e-mail to interested parties" link provided on the "View PR" page. Still, you can tweak GNATS and Gnatsweb to include a kind of followup mechanism by using the Append to Audit-Trail field recipe in Appendix E of the manual, but you should definitely ask yourself if you want to provide Edit access to everyone who might want to submit a follow-up.
Yngve Svendsen
Gnatsweb maintainer

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