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A few gnats4/gantsweb questions

From: Seth Morris
Subject: A few gnats4/gantsweb questions
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:00:02 -0800

Hello. We've recently moved from gnats 2.3 with gnatsweb to gnats 4 with
gnatsweb. We're having a few problems.
0) We're seeing PRs twice in search results, with different categories,
assigned-to, and state. The PR only exists in the file system once. We have
rebuilt the index repeatedly. Sometimes, the duplicate goes away if we change
the columns returned by gnatsweb query, but it reappears if we go back to the
previous column list. This scares us.
1) GnatsWeb doesn't seem to support multienum or multienumerated-from-file
variable with the allow-any-value option. Is there a common workaround? Our
goal is to allow the user to select from a recent build number, but not
require the list to grow without bound. We're trying to work something up
with a second field and some rules, but the rules engine doesn't seem quite
flexible enough.
2) Similarly, GnatsWeb often just doesn't like multienum fields at all. We
get errors when editing. Is multienum working in GnatsWeb?
3) I would like to require a reason changed if one of two fields (state and
assigned-to) are changed. Is this possible?
4) We don't care about some fields (confidential, for example). Can we hide
5) Is the query syntax for on-change documented?
6) Is any string processing possible (other than append-to-field) in
Thanks. Gnats 4 looks light years ahead of 2.3. Much more pleasant to work
    Seth Morris.

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