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I can finally please my girlfriend and you can too rbB YF

From: Estelle Pritchett
Subject: I can finally please my girlfriend and you can too rbB YF
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 02:49:38 +0400

I am writing to tell you something about myself.  Something that drove me crazy 
for a long time.  I thought things would never be better for me.  My name is 
Estelle Pritchett and this was a part of my life.

Ever since I started having sexual relationships, I noticed something about me 
wasn't 'working properly' if you know what I mean. I was having an extremely 
difficult time performing in bed with the ladies, and as time went on, my 
problem didn't cure itself.

Although I was sceptic about Cialis, I was desperate and simply had to try 
something! To my surprise, Cialis finally solved my erectile problem, and 
worked much better than viagra!

I am writing this email to share my great success with you, and hope to help 
out someone who feels the same way I used to.

Here is the URL if you'd like to 
check this out.

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