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Re: Regarding installation

From: Mel Hatzis
Subject: Re: Regarding installation
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 00:15:10 -0800
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On 03/22/2004 10:39 PM, address@hidden submitted:
Could u please provide me the steps in detail about how to install
I am not able to follow the instructions in the manual

Please provide more detail on where you are experiencing problems.
Without detailed information it is very difficult to provide you
any assistance.

Briefly, you run './configure', 'make', 'make install', then
'mkdb default' on the GNATS server. You'll probably also want
to edit your /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf (or xinetd.d/gnats)
files appropriately to start the GNATS server daemon...
don't forget to HUP inetd if you make changes.

If you wish to run GNATS in a client/server configuration, you
should also run './configure', 'make' and 'make install' on the
client machine(s). You should then edit <instdir>/etc/gnats/databases
appropriately on all client machines to point the GNATS client
binaries to the GNATS server. For send-pr to work successfully,
you should use the '--with-submitter' and '--with-organization'
configure options.

Mel Hatzis


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