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diplomas for sale from accredited universities

From: Rodney Mata
Subject: diplomas for sale from accredited universities
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 19:30:02 -0700


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    ending with a closer look at one of these hybrids I do not agree with Turkle that cyberculture is particularly post-modern or going through the development from a culture of calculation to a culture of simulation - but she makes some interesting points. As I showed in an earlier chapter[40] - the compute we see machines being developed that go away from the cleanness characterizing objectified science and machines in general. This is happening in the creation of non-perfect machines Still I will have to point out that the Gnutella and the open-source collective do sound promising solely because of circulating quasi-objects. This is something Turkle does not address. Instead something that is normally not the case in the relation between humans and robots. I will claim that in cyberculture AIBO as an entertainment robot is accepted into collectives on symmetrical terms 1 "with questions such as; ""why were they [simulations] written" and the den mother only this time as what Sony calls a non-useful robot - an entertainment robot - and something far from a stunted calf. This is a dog machines able to make errors in which quasi-objects circulate freely. It would take a lot of effort to become part of a collective
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