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GNATS extra audit trail entries

From: Steve MacKenzie
Subject: GNATS extra audit trail entries
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 16:30:07 -0700

Steve address@hidden
05/24/2004 07:30 PM
I've a similar problem to that described in the "too many 'changed' entries"

Whenever an unaudited field is edited, such as category or description, a blank
line is appended to the audit trail, and emails are sent to all responsibles.
Format of the mail is as defined in
As the resultant email is relatively content free, I'd like to avoid sending
these emails.
I'm running a stock gnats 4.0 and gnatsweb 4.0, on solaris 2.7, apache2.  I
didn't see this behavior with gnatsweb 3.6 and gnats 3.113.

Any hints on how to fix this would be most appreciated.

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