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From: Kristis Makris
Subject: Scmbug
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 17:08:39 -0700


I'd like to announce Scmbug, a tool providing integration of Source code
Configuration Management with Bugtracking. It is meant to be a universal
tool that can glue any source code version control system with any
bugtracking tool, for all platforms.

In the current development release, Scmbug supports integrating CVS with
Bugzilla. The intention is to integrate other source code version
control tools (e.g. Subversion) with other bugtracking systems (e.g.
gnats) in a consistent and more flexible manner other independent tools
currently do so (e.g. Tony Garnock-Jones' cvszilla from, Steve McIntyre's integration from ).

I would encourage developers and users of integration glue to contribute
to this general integration tool, rather than continue the fragmentation
of individual tools attempting to resolve the same problem.

The latest development release is available at:

Kristis Makris

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