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Re: login failure with Opera

From: Yngve Svendsen
Subject: Re: login failure with Opera
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 10:44:30 +0200
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It's been a while since I last dug around in this part of, but you have certainly spotted a really headache-inducing area. I am pretty certain you could add an infinite number of browser-specific redirects here, but I am a bit surprised that Opera would fail to work with the methods already used.

The authentication system should probably be reworked and I am hoping to get a bit of work done this autumn. I have several changes pending that need to be applied in order to support some of the new features committed to GNATS after the 4.0 release. I have had quite a few interesting patches submitted to me over the last year, so it is probably time to start searching my inboxes and start doing some real work again, especially now that GNATS development seems to have accelerated.

Yngve Svendsen
Gnatsweb maintainer

Stuart Stevens wrote:

Using Opera, the initial login returns to the login screen. A refresh will then go to the "main" GNATs screen. "logout" has the same problem. IE does not have this problem. The login reply is a refresh with a new cookie. The refresh is expected to make the same URL request with the new cookie. I am guessing that Opera does not behave the same as IE in this respect. Perhaps Opera is not passing the new cookie until the manual refresh.

Have others seen this problem?

Should be changed to return the cookie with the "main" page instead of causing the browser to initiate a refresh?

Does this make any sense?



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