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Re: Gnats config

From: Chad Walstrom
Subject: Re: Gnats config
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 11:53:58 -0500
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Randy Haddox wrote:
> > cannot use it in your "Submitter-Id" field.  Edit your "SUBMITTER="
> > environment variable to say "unknown" or add 'rphaddox' to your
> > submitters file.
> Are tyou talking about the variable located in my /usr/local/bin/send-pr
> file?

Yes.  That whole, confusing install-sid issue.

> > Is send-pr using a mailer or pr-edit?  Check the "MAILPROG="
> > environment variable. If this is unset, you're using pr-edit.  
> I have MAILPROG set to "/usr/lib/sendmail -oi -t".  Which is
> preferred, pr-edit or mailer?

Depends upon your own preference.  Would you prefer to run gnats as a
daemon or as a local process?  Would you like to use the mail interface
or only allow access through the daemon and/or gnatsweb?  If the gnats
daemon is running through inetd, and if you are allowing connections
from your workstation to the server, pr-edit will be quicker to respond
than waiting for your cron job to process the incoming queue.

You have your cron job set up to process incoming emails, right?

  # Cron job for processing GNATS incoming queue. 10 min delay.
  5,15,25,35,45,55 * * * * gnats test -x /usr/lib/gnats/queue-pr && \
        /usr/lib/gnats/queue-pr --run ; exit 0

> I assume this is correct but when I submit the PR using s)end, it takes
> a while to return back to the prompt where the message "send-pr: problem
> report mailed" is displayed.  I have included the following to my
> aliases file:
> gnats-admin:    root
> bugs:           "| /usr/local/libexec/gnats/queue-pr -q"
> bug-q:          "| /usr/local/libexec/gnats/queue-pr -q"
> bug-log:        /usr/local/tmp/bugs.log
> bugs:           bug-q, bug-log
> query-pr:       "| /usr/local/libexec/gnats/mail-query"

You have two entries for "bugs".  Your MTA should be complaining when
you run "newaliases".

> > Alternatively, is the category listed in the "categories" file?  How
> > did you go about making the category?
> I re-did this category using the command '.../mkcat str' to
> double-check.


> > Have you referenced the GNU GNATS manual ala the 'info' command?
> > There's a lot of useful information in there...
> I'm using it for sure but I have not attempted network access before.

Gotcha.  It sounds like you're not really using it, though.

Chad Walstrom <address@hidden> 
           assert(expired(knowledge)); /* core dump */

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