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GNATS Changes

From: Stuart Stevens
Subject: GNATS Changes
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 15:02:44 -0700

To GNATS developers

I am considering some of the following changes to gnats.  How do I find out what is being worked on and whether any of these changes have already been incorporated into GNATS?

1.  Change Audit-Trail field to support a header so that the changed by and when fields do not have to repeat for each change.

2.  Support for append-only field.  There would be a format for how the text is appended.  There would be support for the append to be at the top or bottom of the previous text.

3.  Command to list subfield names.  I did not see this anywhere.

4.  Flag to identify fields that have subfields.  Can flags be added without breaking any existing interfaces?

5.  Notify support for sub field when the sub field is a multi-enum.

6.  Hooks in the create and edit to validate fields


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