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RE: Changes to

From: Stuart Stevens
Subject: RE: Changes to
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 12:33:17 -0700


Yes, the "sections" is hackish.  Better if attributes could be added to the
GNATs fields and then define well known attributes. I wanted to key off of
the database so the hack keys off of dummy fields that are enums with a
single value which is the title.  The script catches field names
beginning with "Separator" and treats them specially.  Removes them from the
query forms and adds them to the view and edit pages.  For non gnatsweb
users these fields help break up the form still.

field "Separator1" {
    enum {
        values { "Problem Description" }
        default "Problem Description"

Sections displays a single table row with the background color of the header
and text displayed as "H1".  The purpose is to break up the form into
sections that different people are responsible for.  There are some links at
the top of the page to take the user directly to the section they are
interested in.  Within the section there is a button which duplicates the
button at the top and bottom of the web page (edit or submit for view or
edit pages) (as you pointed out below).  We are using four sections that
break the edit and view pages into five sections

(initial section without a title) - 18 fields
Problem Description - Originator and problem fields (14)
Fix - Developer and fix info (17)
Verification - QA info (5 and expected to grow) 
Miscellaneous - Unformatted followed by audit-trail

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Subject: Re: Changes to

Stuart Stevens wrote:
> 2. Sections were added by creating dummy field entries in the GNATS
>    database.  Each field began with the word "Separator" and the
>    description field contained the text of the separation.

That sounds like a hack.  Effective, no doubt, but hackish.  What do you
mean by "sections"?

>    Quick links were added to the top of the web page.  "edit" or
>    "submit" buttons were added to the "view" and "edit" pages.

Useful.  However, isn't the "edit" and "submit" buttons already shown on the
view and edit pages, respectively?

Chad Walstrom <address@hidden> 
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